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home service contract renewal

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My 2 year service agreement will be expired next month and I am wondering if I will be automatically switched to the monthly regular service and get another 2 year service agreement with a different price?


It seems that I can pick up a bundle package online and check out to create a new account. Not sure if it's the correct process.


Thank you in advance.



@KGrace  It will continue as a monthly at your current price. (Grandfathered) If you are happy with what channels you have stay put. You can change and price will change. Any price changes by Telus are noted on bill approx 1 month before starting them. Polecat

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Telus will expire the 2 year promotional credits you were getting and your price will likely go up dramatically.  To get back to the level you were previously paying, or better, call into Telus and request to talk to the Loyalty Department and ask to get back the rates you were at before.  They may or may not be able to give you all the discounts you had before - request another 2 year contract as they can give you better discounts with that commitment.   Because you are billed in advance, the moment you get notice, review your bill.  Your new changes will take effect immediately.  The longer you wait the more you will be charged the new higher price.

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Hi Hder,

Thank you so much for your advice.