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Lawn and Driveway Restoration (Winter Edition)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, it's that time of year when the ground is frozen which means we need to pause our restoration efforts!




This winter, TELUS PureFibre isn’t going anywhere, but we are wrapping up any existing construction to our fibre optic network until the ground thaws out again. In the meantime, we will leave the area neat and tidy to ensure your safety during the winter months, and come back in the spring to finish all permanent remediation work when temperatures are ideal.



What are ideal temperatures? 

For grass to grow, soil temperatures need to be between 7 and 12 Celsius for grass seed to germinate and this typically doesn't happen until air temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius. If your property requires concrete restoration, ground temperatures need to be at or above 5 Celsius degrees for at least a week before concrete/asphalt can be poured for it to settle properly. This typically doesn't happen until air temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius. If concrete curing temperatures are below freezing, the water inside the concrete can freeze and expand, resulting in cracks.


As always TELUS will send you a notification when it’s time for us to head back to your neighbourhood to start repairing your ground in the spring/summer.


Just Moved In
Hi there, Telus did work on my concrete drive way and had 2 cutout holes around the size of basketball. Will the concrete be restored?

The is in Panorama, Calgary, AB, Canada

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Jimchenurban  Concrete cuts will be restored once air temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius and above. 


Thank you for the reply, it is always nice to know some info and timeline.

Just Moved In

Hello, I've been advised that the concrete in our area (Hidden Creek Hts, NW, Calgary) would be repaired in September, however it is October now and we haven't seen or heard anyone come by to repair our driveway yet.    We would appreciate at least a letter just to keep us informed, we are not TELUS customers so we are probably not on the priority list, but regardless we would appreciate some sort of notification by means of letter mail or agent to give us a forecast, eta for completion? Thanks.