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Customer Service Failure

My family and I have been waiting for over two months to receive service to our home. Multiple calls with customer service and missed appointments by Telus representatives and still we wait.. please explain how this happens?

JoshWall by Neighbour
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Log in Page Expired

I am thinking may be a Microsoft Edge problem but just thought I would check with other users on here. When I try to log in for My Telus Page I get message that the "Page Expired". Clearing browser etc does not help. I can log in on chrome.

Gayle by Organizer
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How the hell can Telus do this ?!

So it seems Telus hasn't been doing their due diligence and living up to their end of our contract, they haven't been taking out money from our pre authorized arrangements, and decided yesterday to just take 500$ ,6 months of payments at once ... So ...

Global TV App

I want to get the Global TV App but Telus has made it so that only Optik subscribers can get it. I pay for a TV service through Telus but it is Satellite as I am in an area Optik TV is not available in even though people just down the street have it....

alihauck by Just Moved In
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Tv setup

I already have a TELUS account with optik TV However I am developing my basement and will have a TV down there. Do I need to have TELUS set anything up ? Any cables or wiring that I will need going to that TV area ? Other than regular electrical outl...

Gu by Just Moved In
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Help -- Sent email not received

On my Apple MacBook, since I did a restart on April 26 none of my Sent emails have been received by any recipients, even though they are in the Sent folder of both the Apple email AND the Telus webmail site!! (and I can send successfully from the Tel...

cmyoung by Neighbour
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Can't setup My Telus online account

I'm trying to setup an online account and when it gets to the verification page it wants to call or text me on a number that's been out of service for at least 5 years. It's the number I had when I first started dealing with telus and I took it with ...

Jeffh074 by Just Moved In
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No connection;

Hello! My concern is my wireless internet. Since yesterday morning I don't have connection until now. I just got my box last April 6, 2020 and yet my billing is up now and no connection for more than 24 hours. How come? I've email the support team si...

Cylina by Just Moved In
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Having problems accessing my rewards page

Good morning.After logging into MyTelus Home page, I clicked on "Go to your Rewards Account" linkOn the resulting page, I clicked on the green "Access your Rewards" buttonOn the resulting page, titled Terms and Conditions, I click on the green "Accep...

Artiecon by Organizer
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