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How do you create a new prepaid account and buy a phone on line?

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Suggestions please.


I'm using chrome and the chat asks me for a Telus phone number which I don't have since I'm trying to buy a phone and service.


Thanks John



@johnwhelan  Google telus mobility  lots of plans and phones. Phone delivered by mail have had some problems. I would go to a telus store would be your easiest route.

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Community Power User

Chat? Are you accessing the online store ?

Usually you purchase the phone and SIM. Once it arrives, you then set up the online account.

You May find it simpler to go to a store and get set up there.

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That begins to make sense.  Buy a phone first then register an account when it arrives.

If I buy a phone on line from Telus would you know if it includes a SIM card?


The other issue is getting the credit card accepted.  I note that others have had problems.  I suspect they compare the address to the one the credit card companies holds and there are three different names I can use for city all of which will be delivered by Canada Post.  So I'll cut and paste it from the credit card records which should solve that problem.


Many Thanks 



@johnwhelan  I would go to a store. By what you write i think i see trouble. (cut and paste ????????) will it work ???????