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Is this a Legit Email Address

Just Moved In

Hi Everyone,

I received a message today from I wasn't paying attention and clicked on the link it provided. Is this a legitimate domain with Telus? I have seen other variations of this email address such as, but have never seen the domain with only an "i".  Thanks for your help!


Community Power User
Community Power User

I wouldn't necessarily base the sender address on an email as to whether it is legitimate or not. Spammers fake the sender addresses on all sorts of emails. The sender/from address on emails can be easily faked but the links in the emails are harder to fake. Usually hovering the mouse over the link will display the URL it points to.


I haven't come across that email address from Telus. Telus will rarely ever email you except in very specific circumstances, and never to request personal info or get you to log in to some website. As for your email address, is that address associated with your Telus account? If no, red flag. Were you expecting an email from Telus? Was it asking you to log in to your account? Was it asking for personal information? Look closer at the link in the email itself. Is it pointing to or some other site?


The Canadian Government has a website about spam and phishing emails. It's always good to be aware of what potential scammers are trying to do to get your info. Including the ones that will randomly phone you if you don't have Call Control (free) enabled on your Telus phone.

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