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Resolved! phoney text that says its from telus

i have received this phoney text that says its from telus regarding bill payement problem .who can i send a copy too my account is and always is current up to date thanks merv stanley

My Channel

For the past 4 months, every month a Mature Channel is added to my subscription without my permission. No one has access to my password or Telus account & I have had to change my password every month but it happens again.Anyone else had such an issue...

machel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Where do I get a pin to order on demand

I am trying to purchase a on demand movie and it keeps telling me my pin is incorrect. I have done everything the instructions tell me and no where do I get an option to enter a rental pin .

Caskelton by Just Moved In
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Cancel contract

i would like to know how telus can cancel a person's contract with out notification and by a some one that give the wrong address? Has this happen to any one else, I would like to under stand this.

Rg1 by Neighbour
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Land line outage

Our home phone has now been out for almost 2 weeks and nothing seems to be happening. What recourse can a person take to get Telus to do something about it?

Janzen1 by Just Moved In
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Worst customer service I've ever seen.

Why are you so terrible at customer service? chat: Virtual chat useless; can't answer complex issues. Live chat 50+ No replytelephone: over an hour wait in person sales agent: may have lied to my face but can't speak to anyone to confirm...

Emby5703 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Usage Alerts

Greetings, I seem to remember seeing the ability to set internet usage alerts. Am I remembering this correctly? I can't find this option anymore. Telus has disabled the app for BlackBerry, so I can't use that any more. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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