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How do I remove a old work (phone) number being associated with my account?

Just Moved In
How do I remove a old work (phone) number from being associated with my account? I logged into My TELUS account to change PIN number. And happened to see a old work telephone number included in with the method of Telus contacting to send codes to text and codes to phones by calling them. There's no way to remove that particular number while my cell number and home phone number is there, but so is a old number that no longer belongs to me and even never had belonged to me!
I was able to cause the TELUS system to send me a text code to my cellphone but there is no option in My Profile to delete a old telephone number that is listed there which I could cause it to send codes to (which wouldn't be understood by the old user of that telephone.
So how do I delete this number associated with my Profile??
-Tony H Roy

Community Manager
Community Manager

You may need to call in to our team as there may be an issue with your profile (why it's not allowing you to perform that action). Give them a shout at 1-866-558-2273 and they should be able to assist.