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Winner - Zone

I just got an email message through TELUS Neighbourhood, using my Username from Telus Neighbourhood... Is this spam? How did they get my Username? ------> You have received a private message in the TELUS Neighbourhood community. Subject: Do you like ...

Wooly by Neighbour
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Spam Calls

We are plagued daily with two or three obvious spam calls, ofren at awkward times. We have learned that if there is a two to three second pause after we day hello, it is a spam caller registering at the other end of the line and we hang up. A neighbo...

IanC by Neighbour
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MPS Download speeds

After upgrading our system to 70MPS ten months ago, and then finding out six months later that we could never get 70MPS we settled in to 50MPS. But our range was anywhere from 15MPS to 42MPS and only this last month has our system consistently receiv...

IanC by Neighbour
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Resolved! Contract Renewal

Hi!My two - year contract is up in February, but I haven't received a renewal notice. Do I need to do that or does the it just auto renew at higher rates now?Thanks in advance.


There is only one plan for home internet?

Swr by Just Moved In
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Just added TELUS Call Control to my home phone. The instructions mention an accepted call list. However I can not find a link to access this list to ad numbers. Anyone ??????

BarryN11 by Friendly Neighbour
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How to get the Free TV?

I have already hooked up the PikTV and Internet plan for two years but have not heard how or when the free 55" HD TV arrives?