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Called from 888-811-2323 which I assumed is still a legitimate Telus number. Person telling me if saving 40 % on my bill. I am a Telus employee and I asked for his employee number he gave 7575.not a valid number. When I questioned him he got angry. S...

Mike_C by Just Moved In
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Good day. I am getting my internet and TV installed on the 27 Dec and I remember last time, four years ago, Telus had a hard time finding my home cable. After many delays, I decided to go to Shaw. I have now decided to give Telus another try but I am...

Baffling service?

After spending days trying to reach Telus on the phone, my wife finally got through to an agent and spent half an hour arranging for our Internet and home-phone services to be transferred to our upcoming new address.Today, Telus sent us a slick-looki...

Ander5151 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Deceased payees

Both individuals who have had their names on the Telus bills are deceased since 2019. The executor refuses to put their name on the bill. If the bill is not paid, how would Telus know who to contact? Is it legal for the executor to refuse to convert ...

BC3 by Neighbour
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Hired for Telus AI Community but can't access OneLogin

I was hired for the position of US Rater (part of the Telus AI Community). While I can log in to the "Candidate Home", through which I submitted my I-9 and accepted all the pre employment documents, I cannot log into OneLogin. It appears an account w...

jzjac515 by Just Moved In
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no tv deliverd

ordered telus sep1 and still no 4k tv deliverd no tracking # pls help 

notvsent by Neighbour
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Stopping billings for services canceled in July

Cannot believe this but I have again received a billing for home services in a homecwe moved out of July 30th. Tired of calling service personnel only to achieve nothing! I want to stop these billings and recoup payments made by autopay for August an...

mmtrembl by Just Moved In
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Canceled services in July. Still being billef

I actually am gobsmacked. We moved out of our home and canceled services July 30th. I have spoken to customer service several times and am STILL BEING BILLED for services. Unfortunately I paid for a couple of months so am also owed $$. I am tired of ...

mmtrembl by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Viewing Call Control on my account

I cannot view the Call Control information on my account. The message on the page reads: Looks like something went wrong. Please try again later. It's been two weeks since I've been trying to access the Call Control information.

QC_hill by Neighbour
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