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Billing prices shooting up, customer service GONE

Just Moved In

In September, my bill was $164.  In October, my 'discounts' ended and it shot up to $194.  Telus loyalty dropped it to $173 for November - on a 2yr term.  The December bill is $187.  Tried to contact Telus - can't find a phone number.  Tried chat - no agents available, would I like a call-back?  Sigh.  Okay.  When would I like the call-back .. 2 days from now at 11am, 11:30am or 12am?  Good grief.   What happened to the idea that a contract was to be followed by both parties t the contract?


Just Moved In

I ran into similar problems. Arranged a call-back. Didn't hear from them at the scheduled time. Then a couple of days later they called when I was busy.