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Account [mod edit - personal info] - this account has been disconnected twice in November winter months I might add, and now it’s not even the first week of December. I would like to put a complaint in as this is ridiculous 3 times in 5 weeks and I’ve been trying my hardest to pay what I can and have had this account for how long 2013-14 and this is the treatment clients receive. The flipping world is recovering from Covid and all your company is concerned about is money. This the most unethical company that resides in Terrace. I wonder how many more families you are doing this too. Maybe it time to look into this by asking the town. I’m fed up of the mistreatment. Not sure how far this email will get so I will continue to look for ways to get this out and to be heard. As well find other families that are going through the same mistreatment and hopefully something gets done.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I've edited your original post as it contained a private account number. As for the account being disconnected, have you been given a reason from our team as to why?