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Services disabled

Just Moved In
Why did Telus disable my services 3 days before my move appointment?

They did this a month ago "by mistake" and it took days to get everything running again.

I understand that (depending on time zone) Telus discontinues service the day before your reconnection.

I can't even speak to them until tomorrow.

Why why why?

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is tough to answer over community. As it's been three days, did your move complete as intended?

Yes, they completed the service. I couldn't work for 2 days (again) because of this.

Found out there is a "bug" in the Telus self serve webpage/app when changing your move. It seems to only happen if you change your booking.
It will allow you to change the install date and time but doesn't (always?) pop up a window that prompts you to change the disconnection day & time.
We lost 3 days of service this time.

Last month it was week of lost service as Telus decided that we wanted our service disconnected a month before we moved. Spent 3 days (literally) on the phone to get that fixed.

Tip:If you have booked a move and need to change it - do NOT use the self serve. You should call in, spend your hour or 2 on hold and avoid the website/app flaw.

This. This just happened to me, and I don't believe I changed the install date once I'd chosen it.

I'm mostly just glad that I found someone else who had this issue, I've been scouring support pages, forums and Reddit. I booked the appointment late after work, probably like 2am, and 10 minutes later my service just ceased to exist (wifi said "Connected without internet", SSID and pass key were unchanged, but the IP was completely different and nothing with a network worked). I'm certain it's the Telus hive-mind making executive decisions on customers' internet privileges...

Hi @Thity7 - Our system will automatically cancel the services at the old address the day of the move. Otherwise they should remain active.


Send me a message if you'd like me to take a look

Well they didn't stay active longer than ten minutes after I booked the appointment. And there's no need to look into my specific case as I'm moving today.