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Senior's Rate? Minimal use Account Rate?

Telus Internet minimal-use seniors (over 60) rate account option.Not every one streams, uploads and down loads!When will senior's needs be recognized at Telus account department with their own rate that is fair?

Beaners by Just Moved In
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Rate increase despite contract?

I noticed my bill jumped $10 this month despite the fact that I am supposed to be locked in for 24 months to a plan. I thought when you lock in for a term contract, the prices aren't supposed to change for the term of the contract. Can anyone clarify...

Driel by Just Moved In
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Scam Survey

Hey people. Just a friendly head's up. I was over on the Telus web site and it asked me if I wanted to do a survey when I was done. Meh... why not. Typical Telus satisfaction survey. Then a bit later I was on a slightly sketchy web site and downloade...

Darkbob by Organizer
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Cut cost

Cut cost for minimum users I use less than 1 gigabit a month not much use of phone at all no downloading no uploading and I pay 75 mth to much

Mitch1 by Just Moved In
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unresponsed employee

A telus employee, Geoff Ehresman was around my neighbourhood (3000 block East 49 Avenue, Vancouver) last week, he came into my house twice and got my information (driver license and credit card) said that to help me get a corporate data plan for my s...

TracySo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Rewards

Why did Telus remove Amazon and iTunes gift cards? It was nice getting a little 'gift' now and then. Now, however, the only things left in the program are contests, which have no value unless you (unlikely) win, or donations to charitues. I already g...

Joey2 by Just Moved In
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Online PDFs not updating to reflect account changes.

Why are invoices only generated once a month, when account changes and online PDF invoices exist? When a substantial account change is made, the current system is that the change is reflected with a credit the next month. This is a fairly antiquated ...

AshtonG by Just Moved In
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Hi need help to hook back up

Hi I use to have cable and phone but I moved then wanted it switched over to my new address but then got a 900 dollar bill witch I was making payments but when I moved I missed the instal date but you kept billing me I called in said was moving shin ...


Where do I go to find out my rewards?

MaRsH by Just Moved In
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How can I get Telus to stop calling me?

At least once every 2-weeks, I get a call from India trying to sign me up for Telus services. I've told them on no less than three occasions to stop calling me and to take me off their contact list. No such luck! I am so sick and tired that as soon a...

JJLad by Just Moved In
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