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Where did the router go?

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Good afternoon. I had a problem with the delivery of the router after concluding an agreement with your company. I concluded the contract on November 9 (Thursday), when concluding the contract I was told that the router would be delivered on November 13-14 (Monday-Tuesday). On November 15 (Wednesday) in the evening the router was not delivered and I wrote to TELUS technical support. I was told that some kind of system error occurred when placing an order for delivery of the router. On November 16 (Thursday) a girl from TELUS technical support called me and, with a bunch of apologies, said that the error was fixed and the router would be delivered within three business days. On November 20 (Monday), since the router was not delivered, in the evening I personally went to the Telus office and was told that delivery would be within 3-5 business days. I have a question - do you have competent employees in your company?
Because it is now the evening of November 21st, 12 days have passed since the conclusion of the contract, and I still don’t have a router, my work is suffering and I have to spend money on visiting a coworking space. Today, in my personal account on your company’s website, I received information that my tariff plan began to operate on November 21. How can it work if I DO NOT have a router yet? one of your “specialists” says that delivery is 3 working days, your other “specialist” says that delivery is 3-5 working days. but 12 days have already passed. your third “specialist” apologizes a lot and says that it was your mistake the first time and delivery will be within 3 working days exactly and on time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

That definitely sounds a lot harder than it needs to be. I've sent you a private message to see if we can get this some TLC so please keep an eye out for it 🙂