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Paying for service I don’t have

I noticed I have been paying for home monitoring service for months. I do not even have this set up. The technician came maybe a year ago to upgrade my Internet and offered home monitoring but couldn’t set it up because my doorbell is broken. I would...

Melrm33 by Just Moved In
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Can't register my MyTelus account

I signed up for an internet service a couple of days ago and received an email with a link to complete the registration for my MyTelus account. However, when I use the link to finish the registration after I put my information in and submit it, nothi...

sheanniaw by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Telemarketing phone calls

Telus insists on calling my phone number to try to get me to sign up for their mobile phone offers. I am not interested. I have blocked their phone number but the first ring still gets through. Their chat bot suggests registering for the do not call ...

swamiodo by Just Moved In
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Marketing Calls

Anyone figure out how to stop all the marketing calls when you are already a client?I have contacted customer service 3 times to have me added to the do not call list in their marketing department and the call frequency has actually increased. Every ...


Why is accessing the Telus rewards so hard to find. It says it easy, it’s not!! Can’t even find it on the web browser !!

Lynabeena by Just Moved In
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Are ALL the Self Service Options on the website broken?

- I can see a limited amount of acccount data on the My Telus App.- I can see my accounts on my computer web browser.Any attempt to change anything that is "self service" gives me an error that says its not working, please try again.Because of this p...

tedfroop by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Texts from 183587

I keep receiving texts from 183587 claiming to be TELUS and that I have a payment "past due" The message reads:FreeMsg TELUS 8884961481: (changing message about being reminded to pay).Reply 1 to pay, 2 if already paid, or 3 for more details I have au...

amovictus by Just Moved In
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MyTelus Account

Hello,I am receiving “ A 500 error isn't what you want. To get back on track, consider using the My TELUS app to manage your account.” whenever I log in using the Web service

Telus Call Phishing Scam +188881123323

I just spent an hour trying to determine whether a deal I received from a Telus number was a scam or not. The existing threads on here are unclear, inconclusive or contradictory. The info on here led me to believe it was a scam, but then after spendi...

jk111kj by Just Moved In
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