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Resolved! Subway service?

After reading an article in the Globe & Mail today (Aug.27), I realized that the terrible wi-fi service I get on the Toronto subway system is not the TTC's fault but the fact that the big wireless companies, like Telus, refuse to get on board. Telus ...

Vid by Just Moved In
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Resolved! tax exempt first nations

Hello Im First Nations Indian and I’m a member with Koodo and TELUS. I’m just wondering if anybody has the TELUS tax exempt form link. Koodo sent me one but it says Koodo on it.Thank you in advance

Resolved! Mobility family plan

How much do I need to pay if I had a device to register as a second phone?As a recent customer any good deal that Telus can give if I get another to added in my family plan? How much and what kind of phone

Marjeane by Just Moved In
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Reception on Lake St North of Lakeshore in St Catharines ON

Reception is almost non-existent. Not only I cannot use data, but, more of a safety issue, I cannot make phone calls or people cannot hear me, mainly from my main floor and basement of the house. Not a good thing. Can you not put a tower in Port Dalh...

fstrdr by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Random messages sent from my phone that I didn’t create

This evening I had about a dozen messages sent from my phone that I didn’t create. They were all in Chinese and sent to international numbers. It appears to have come from me however I did not create them. Messages are all the same except the first o...

Plum416 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unlocking iPhone

Hello, I am traveling overseas soon and have an old iPhone 6 that was purchased a couple years back. I've submitted my IMEI number through mytelusmobility to get my phone unlocked and now I need to insert a SIM card from a different carrier to comple...

hshan39 by Neighbour
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If someone calls and they don't have a name set for their number for example: other mobile phones, VoIP numbers etc. the call display will show "anonymous" when a call is received. This is incorrect since they are sending their number but no name inf...

FIX_CID by Just Moved In
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Resolved! So pissed with Telus!

They called my husband and offered him a free tablet. No extra charges, completely free. Because they had charged us for something they weren’t supposed to have. I thought it didn’t sound right and said he shouldn’t have accepted it. But he did. Get ...

Sue1 by Just Moved In
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This is absolutely insane.... Ive spent 600$ + in the last 2 months on these **bleep**ty services..... Prepaid...

LeoFouc by Just Moved In
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