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Cold call offers

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TLDR version because I just lost my last post.  talked for about 45 minutes and offered a better deal than I have with Freedom, agreed to think about it and was given 4 temporary numbers, 4 sim cards sent to me.  During the call, was told repeatedly nothing would change until I inserted the sim card and got a message asking if I wanted to switch from Freedom to telus.  Received an email saying my order was processed (WHAT!), and they were setting up services as requested (no request was made). The next email was how to finish switching included giving number to port, account of old provider, registering for a telus mobility account. I did not do any of this. Finally, insert new sim card to complete the transfer(all 4 envelopes containing the sim cards are still sitting unopened from 4 to 5 months ago. Then I started receiving bills, for a service I was not using, and still have not used to this day. I just got off the phone, only had to talk to 2 people if you can believe it, the first guy was nice and said that he checked and saw that nothing was ever used with the account, the second guy was less nice.  I understand if it is a payment disputes line you might have a lot of rude customers, but I could see where his tone invites a person to raise a voice when he or anyone is not trying to be understanding. Instead he seemed to chastise me for not reading my emails....seriously, and getting upset with ME. As I said, I was completely of the mind that until I inserted my sim card nothing would happen, and that those emails (which I did see), were just in preparation for when I finally did the switch, I feel this is very underhanded, and why I wanted to see terms of the deal in an email(yes they always say they can't do that), considering I see people with similar long time customer deals given out often. So, since the person in payment disputes basically said you are S.O.L., is there any legal recourse I might have? If I end up having to pay this bill, I will run out my internet contract and never use this company again. Sorry, not so TLDR.


Community Power User
Community Power User

This seems odd, as Telus does not open accounts upon inserting a SIM into your phone - their expectation is you are purchasing a service to be used immediately, and they will send you the SIM right away. It is also rare in my experience for Telus to beat Freedom on pricing. I wonder if you were called by a third party,  not directly associated with Telus.

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