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in general tower coverage areas

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I'm looking at formal database's map of cell network sites/antennas. Each pinned site is a clickable that pops open to some details about each antenna there (exact frequency etc.). For some of the antennas, it shows "Radius of Operation". It looks like for many Telus antennas that radius is 50 km. Is it that such an antenna provides network coverage to mobile phones anywhere within 50 km distance (that seems like much too far a distance)? It isn't point-to-point stuff, it's regular consumer frequencies, such as in the 800 MHz range. Here's a screen shot of one of the towers that supposedly has these 50-km radius transmitters.

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 11.28.37 AM.png


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None of the individual service providers have a tower map that I've come across. I've never seen any resource that lists the radius of operation for a tower either. The large radius towers are usually rural and have frequencies that support that distance. Even then the rural towers are often 20-30km apart from each other so the radius of operation would be less than that.


One of the most frequently used sites is It uses data from the federal government. It does pop up additional data for each tower when clicked. 

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I find that this site is kept more up-to-date to the federal government database than the nikkel site 
Clicking on the pins that mark the tower sites does show antenna details, and sometimes one of the details is "Radius of Op." If that isn't Radius of Operation, what else could it be? And the clump of Telus antennas that I was previously commenting/asking about aren't rural.