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How Do You Stay in Business when you treat Customers this way

A day after signing up for a new plan with Telus they have cancelled my service and said someone will contact me within three days to resolve the questions they have about the paperwork that was signed. They were helpful enough however, to switch my ...

Demtwins by Just Moved In
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Customer Incentives

Why doesn't Telus offer customers any kind of incentive? I've been with Telus for 10 years and they have given less and less of an incentive and now I'm due for an upgrade. Haven't gotten any kind of offer and I'm close to changing companies for chea...

arch1911 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I need Wi-Fi!! Please help :)

Hi there,I have recently moved into an apartment without internet service. I am unable to have Wi-Fi as there is no phone jack and I also do not own a mobile phone to have use my data. Basically I am travelling and was thinking of purchasing an unloc...

aimeetwed by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Text became email.

My wife sent a text to me but it arrived as an email from (herphone#) Has this happened to anyone else? What would cause this?

Herbe by Connector
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Resolved! Visual voicemail

Why is my visual voicemail in my iPhone X delayed when trying to listen to the msg on the phone app..take 30 seconds or so to play and volume when listening isn’t very good.

Carlo30 by Neighbour
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Resolved! NOT Unlocked

Greetings,I am very frustrated. Before leaving ottawa, I called Telus and had my phone unlocked. I get to the US and put my sim card (Roam Mobility) and got No Service. I tried a Verdon sim and got No service. The phone has not been unlocked. It is c...

Denis1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Message Length

Greetings, How long can a voice mail message be? A caller was cut off after about five minutes. I'm not sure if the problem was on his end or my end. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! Long distance saver for prepaid users from abroad

I wonder if we can use this add-on, which I see is a 30 day service for 5$. However, I could not find any place where I could know if I could make a call with this service from any of the 200 international countrie to Canada or within the country I a...

car7san by Just Moved In
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