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Resolved! Cannot call customer service

Hi! I cannot receive or make phone calls with my prepaid plan. It has been so since I got the card a month ago. I have managed by using mobile data and text messages but it would of course be great to at least be able to call the customer service. Es...

xxxxxxxxx by Just Moved In
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Additional charges last three bills?

I am being charged for calls from my landline (Vonage). Hasn't happened until recently. I don't have forwarding on or use a Vonage app on cellphone. Huge bills. Any help appreciated

asrivast by Neighbour
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Resolved! Coverage in Sarnia

While staying in Sarnia, Ontario in some areas the phone keeps switching to roaming. If I switch off rowing then the phone has no connection. Any solutions?

capthss by Just Moved In
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Resolved! iPhone 13 Pro Max Orders

Has anyone else ordered a iPhone 13 Pro Max recently? I have only received an email stating "thank you for your pre order" but the device has been out since September... so are they backordered? I cant even check my order status because the number do...

Resolved! E-Sims

How do I convert my Telus Sim to an E-Sim on my iPhone 13? I want to keep the same mobile number.

Renewal of mobility contract

Finished 2 years of mobility contract term. Now upgrading device and renewing contact for 2 more year, keeping same number and everythingWhy Am I being changed One time connection fee?It not a new connection, it’s an old connection with new contract,...

Tgandhi by Just Moved In
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WiFi Calling Not Working with Building Intercom

My apartment building intercom is connected to my mobile number. I receive a call when someone buzzes my unit, and in turn I can talk to the person via my phone, as well as unlocking the front entrance door by pressing an option during the call. I ha...

zentrum by Just Moved In
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Poor data reliability in Burns Lake

I noticed when in areas like Burns Lake, I have a 5G connection, but the data streaming in very sporadic. It seems sometimes I can load things quickly, and the next time it just times out. All this while having a full 5G connection. I was told that d...

Cannot port number from Virgin Mobile

I have been trying to solve this problem for over 4 hours now. The website says "Use any Canadian number with your TELUS account, including landline numbers" and I cannot port my Canadian (867) area code from Virgin. I tried on my own using MyTelus s...

hburch by Just Moved In
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Mobile Plan for Hotspot - Competitiveness Request

Dear Telus,I've been waiting very patiently for my favourite Purple brand to come out and match both Rogers and Bell with the ability to share Mobile Data plans with Hotspot Devices. Both direct competitors have had $10/mo options for ages now and th...

Bronco6G_0-1639752641349.png Bronco6G_1-1639752665529.png
Bronco6G by Just Moved In
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