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Poor data reliability in Burns Lake

I noticed when in areas like Burns Lake, I have a 5G connection, but the data streaming in very sporadic. It seems sometimes I can load things quickly, and the next time it just times out. All this while having a full 5G connection. I was told that d...

Cannot port number from Virgin Mobile

I have been trying to solve this problem for over 4 hours now. The website says "Use any Canadian number with your TELUS account, including landline numbers" and I cannot port my Canadian (867) area code from Virgin. I tried on my own using MyTelus s...

hburch by Just Moved In
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Mobile Plan for Hotspot - Competitiveness Request

Dear Telus,I've been waiting very patiently for my favourite Purple brand to come out and match both Rogers and Bell with the ability to share Mobile Data plans with Hotspot Devices. Both direct competitors have had $10/mo options for ages now and th...

Bronco6G_0-1639752641349.png Bronco6G_1-1639752665529.png
Bronco6G by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Switching to new device

I recently purchased a new Samsung device, and transferred my number from the old phone ( cracked screen and outdated), to a new phone. Upon transfer I was charged by Telus as if I were a new customer, needing a new number and a new account. To the t...

NK1111 by Neighbour
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Telus loyalty

Telus loyalty means nothing They are more concerned about deals for new customers When you talk to a loyalty agent they talk down to you and seem like you are wasting their time Any long time customer should switch providers then sign up with Telus l...

jfr by Organizer
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Mobility for Good application

Hello, I applied for a Mobility for Good application for seniors two weeks ago, I still haven't received any response yet. Also I emailed the dedicated email for that program for an update, no response. Is the program still active, or simply just tak...

waynemin1 by Just Moved In
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My billing cycle ends today it’s my first bill and I’m kinda confused, it says my total is zero but it clearly shows my phone plan price and everything there, I payed it just to safe and early acouple weeks ago but i don’t know how it works will it b...

What is happening with Internet in Valemount, BC

I am currently working during the daytime in Valemount, BC. I reported to Telus Mobility early last week that I was having spotty or no internet in downtown Valemount even though I have 3 bars of 5G. I was disappointed with the response that I got at...

e56789 by Just Moved In
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In Spain - not connecting to any networks

I'm in Spain with a Pixel 3 XL. It isn't connecting to any networks. I've turned on roaming and tried resetting wifi + data settings. Please help, obviously with no service i can't debug easily.

rzdh by Just Moved In
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