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What the #@&$ is with this horrid email format?

My email inbox is filled with these messages sent from family members on their Telus-branded smartphones. Is this some kind of sms > email thing? These emails are unspeakably hideous. They don't stack into conversations, and I don't think they are ge...

SarahN by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Talk and Text 25

I have Talk and Text 25 which is supposed to have 100 minutes of anytime and free weekends and evenings . When I log into my account I only see 50 minutes on the account . I get text messages that I only have a few minutes left as I approach 50 minut...

DanH by Friendly Neighbour
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No data

I have no data except for when using wifi, I pay for data so I should have DATA!!!!

Bajarosie by Just Moved In
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Peace of mind connect plan add sim card online.

I recently switched my plan to the peace of mind connect plan so I can add a couple tablets. I haven't received my sim cards yet. But I am looking everywhere on my Telus to add a device, I can't find it anywhere. I don't really want to call in to sup...

Andrewcc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! fake email or is it from Telus

Anyone else get a fake looking email saying there was an upgrade to the service and I have messages waiting to be picked up? Just click on the link for your messages it said. I did not click.

irisd by Just Moved In
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Phone exchange

If I just received my phone 3 days ago and just noticed a little crack on the back will they still exchange it? I know it’s not from me because I haven’t dropped my phone since I’ve gotten it

Taylork by Just Moved In
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Physician: Need to update plan during COVID19

I am a physician in Canada - we have mostly transitioned to telehealth visits due to COVID19. I only have 500 minutes on my plan so I need to update it in order to do these telehealth visits from home (no landline at home and on a rotating schedule f...

MG2020 by Just Moved In
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Telus pre paid

when i try to add top ups to my pre paid account it says i am not authorized to access the information. how do i fix this?

madisonc by Just Moved In
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Data usage

I have received this notice 2 months in a row but my account shows my data under limit. How do I stop these charges and get a refund? Account data usage updateThis account has incurred $20.00 of Canadian data charges,

DEC by Just Moved In
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