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No signal outside the country

Just Moved In

I am now in trouble because my TELUS SIM is not receiving any signal since my travel outside Canada (Egypt). I was expecting the roaming to function automatically but this didn't happen. I tried to communicate with TELUS agents through online chat, but it requires your phone to have a signal. I now can't log in to many of my accounts because I need the 2 factor authentication.


Any help would be appreciated


Community Power User
Community Power User

Make sure your carrier settings are set to automatic, and roaming is on. Although Telus has roaming agreements with Egyptian carriers, they may not have them with the telecom company in the particular location you are staying, or the carrier may be using frequencies incompatible with your phone.

See this page for some info.

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Sometimes adding the APN of the roaming partner can help.  Especially if their network requires VoLTE or VoNR to make and receive calls.  If you have a BYOD that isn't specifically a Canadian model sold by Canadian carriers.  Then Telus has more than likely blocked your ability to roam regardless of device compatibility.