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MyTelus App Not logging in

Just Moved In

Whenever I attempt to log in to the MyTelus app I input my login information and it gets accepted then the app just loads (does the 3 dot thing) forever and never logs in. Anyone else having this issue? Is it only on Android or potentially only on my Hauwei phone? It seems to work fine on my girlfriend's iPhone. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Jfyfe 

Have you tried reinstalling/ updating the app on your phone? 

Clearing the app cache should also help. It might be just a glitch with the app itself since it works properly on a different phone.

Just Moved In

I just got a new phone, and can't log in to my telus app. I can log in to my account online with no problem, but the app keeps telling me there's an error in my login info. I shouldn't need to redownload, or clear my cache, as I've only had the phone for a few days.