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What should I do?

Hi, my name is Kyrsten
I wanted to ask this question because I am new to tell us mobility and has a new customer. It has been nothing but terrible. I have been with Telus internet services for years and I used to always be able to get through to them. I would still get hung up on but eventually I would get through and everything would work out. This time not so much. My partner is visually disabled has a lot of health issues. I am working 12 hour days six days a week. We were supposed to call Telus when we got our phones so that Telus could switch our old numbers to those new cell phones and that would take care of Virgin (who we were with before). After calling for a month and a half I have both Telus and virgin charging us bills for the same time period. I've tried calling on my days off. My boyfriend is tried calling in the meantime today he just went to the hospital because of all the stress this is caused. So I took over and called during the slow period at work (which I am not getting paid for obviously). I spoke to a representative after booking a call and was finally able to get through. She assured me she was going to help. She put me on hold to talk to a different department. I was on hold for 20 minutes more before being hung up on. I let the representative know that one of the issues we're dealing with is that when our old numbers were put on to our new phones they were switched. I am getting my boyfriend's phone calls and he is getting my phone calls and we're in two different places right now.12 hours apart. I can't just switch SIM cards with him. I told the representative to call me back at my boyfriend's phone number. After being hung up on. They called him back while he was trying to check into the hospital. He told them to call his phone number to get a hold of me and even gave them the phone number. I sat by my phone the entire evening at work waiting for that phone call and never got called. So here I am with four bills from two different companies, I can't get in contact with the company I just switched to, our phone numbers are backwards, and I am also paying $20 with more per phone than I agreed to over the phone. When I originally found to talk to Telus I was calling about the $20 more per phone that I wanted to dispute after a month and a half and all of these issues I don't know where to go from here.

How do I truly get in contact with Telus? How do I get help? I feel used and trapped and that's what I was trying to escape.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @SK_Mag sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with the service.  We want to follow up and see if you were able to solve the issue. 

Unfortunately, no. I must call them today or tomorrow to sort out the financial issues. On Friday before I asked this q uestion to the forum Telus hung up on me yet again. They switched our phone numbers back to normal which was the bare minimum that needed fixing. I agreed to $60 and $80 a month for our phones and they are charging us $80 and $100. Then there is the $300 in fees Virgin charged us for the two billing cycles of which we could not get through to Telus no matter how hard we tried. The last hang up on me was merely the most recent. It happens consistently! It is so frustrating when it feels like they are trying not to help. The amount of time my bf and I have wasted on this is $$. Our time is $$ and this has been so many wasted hours. Not a good way to start a mobile relationship and if Telus won't help me soon I will be doing research on which company to switch to after this.

I don't mean to sound bitter. It's just a lot of money the company makes off us Canadians and to be treated like this, as a telecommunications company, should be unacceptable. I do want this to work out and I would hate to have to switch again. And this can be fixed.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @SK_Mag I reached out on a private message to see how we can help you.

Thank you. This has cost me so much.