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Clos8ng a prepaid account

I am currenrty using a prepaid plan, I'm planning on closing it because I'm leaving the country. Do I have to call/ contact telus or can I just stop using it and stop adding money to it?

Android 14 for S22 Ultra

I contacted Samsung about when to expect Android 14 for my Samsung 22 Ultra. They tell me its available now but TELUS has to push it. My Question is do I need to switch providers to get this update on my 3 phones????All 3 phones are not under any con...

kjj by Neighbour
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Poor Service Reception

How can I send information to Telus about poor reception and services? I have visited a store and tried SIM card swap. And I reset network settings on my phone per the agent recommendation but that didn’t solve the problem. We live in the GTA and I’m...

ChrisDF by Neighbour
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Resolved! New eSIM and new phone for reception issues

Hi there, I've been having reception issues. I'm guessing that a new SIM card might not help, but it's been almost half a decade with the current SIM card, so I thought that I’d just get a new one. I also at the same time got a new phone. The SIM new...

JeffKang2 by Friendly Neighbour
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Slow Data speeds (Blue Mountain/Collingwood)

Data speeds in Collingwood/Blue Mountain area in Ontario are slow. Bell speeds on LTE are triple what Telus speeds are here. Telus 5G speeds are a little slower than LTE, same device testing both networks.

Dgft by Neighbour
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Resolved! does porting a number cancel your previous plan?

Like everyone else I took advantage of a Black Friday plan deal. I ported my number from Telus to Public Mobile. I want to make sure my previous pre-paid plan with Telus is cancelled. When I click on "Device and Plan summary" and get the message "une...

Thinking of switching to Freedom Mobility

I called Telus today to see if they could match the $50/month Freedom Mobility plan for Canada, US, Mexico (BYOD). Telus said they couldn't match the price. Is there any downside to switching to Freedom?

RockG by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Nationwide Talk, Text & Data 150 $ 150 /180 days

Despite asking this question on Telus' Facebook page, with someone on Telus chat and by calling their 866 number, I have either received no response (FB) or the people talking to me have no answers. My simple question on the 'Nationwide Talk, Text & ...

PaulW by Neighbour
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