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Resolved! Cell phone plans

If I where to bring my own cell phone and upgrade it to a Samsung S8. Or a S9 how much are plans ,

Chocolate by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Poor signal strength Calgary Shawnessy

Since the move of the mobility site from 146 ave over to highway 22x my LTE is next to nothing for signal on my G4 and HTC phones. Averaging 113 dbm. I would expect that in the city limits TELUS would be able to provide consistent LTE. WCDMA/GSM has ...

Bobbob by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Cell phone for seniors

I need a cell phone that is easy to use for calling and texting. Have issues with my hands.

Kaybee01 by Connector
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Resolved! Not receiveing texts from email

I know of many other friends that have an iPhone with Telus... and they have no issues receiving a text sent from one's email account. That is When I am sent a text via an email account I receive nothing. The sender does no...

colantdo by Neighbour
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RCS Plans?

Rogers seems to have universal roll out, Bell seems to have partial roll out, just wondering what the ETA/roadmap for Telus is in regard to RCS? Any thoughts?

ankh16 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Call forwarding add-on option: where is it?

On Koodo's forums one can subscribe to this add-on for a monthly charge and remove it as well at any time should you wish to use pay per use call forwarding. However, Telus seems silent on how to get this add-on. Besides calling Telus and waiting for...

Dwayne888 by Good Samaritan
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Resolved! iPhone scam

I am wondering if it is Telus new policy to scam its customers when a repair is done?! My son and I almost got scammed out of $100 when the screen was repaired on his phone. I smelled something fishy so I kept questioning until the truth was revealed...

Sharontoo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! telus mobility data charges are they legal ?

It came to my attention that we are paying for data that we do not get any value for. Example I pay $50 for 6GB of data /month but if I don't use all of it I get no credited data for the unused data next month even though I paid for it !! Telus shoul...

2much by Just Moved In
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So done with Telus

I am extremely disappointed with Telus. I have been with you for years and years, and after giving you thousands of dollars of my hard earned money I finally cancelled my personal phone. And after phoning in December and being told it would be cancel...

ChewyMar by Just Moved In
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