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Being charged via a third party app through my subscriber telus account pay


WHICH I HAVE DISABLED.  I repeat, I am being charged via a third-party app through a payment method that I have DISABLED - and has been disabled for as long as I can remember.  The Telus rep I spoke to basically insinuated that I was either lying or clueless and told me to contact the third party.  Okay, sure - I will contact the third party app (I still don't know who specifically, just Boku). It's a pain in the ass, but ok I can do that.  But then to tell me that I am lying or stupid because an issue I have where the onus is on Telus?  If I have a payment method disabled, how on Earth can I still be charged via that method?  And they are pretty random charges, too... $4.99 here, $16.99 there. 


Any ideas or thoughts?  Super frustrated


Community Power User
Community Power User

Boku has already come up in another discussion.

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