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Cell Service Issues!

Okay I'm completely stumped with what to do, literally have tried everything!I had an IPhone 8 and my wife upgraded and gave me her IPhone 12.... My Telus Services do not seem to work on this phone it goes in and out every few seconds and wont keep c...

JamesB94 by Just Moved In
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Telus Wifi calling

I am not sure if this is already addresses, but why is telus the only provider who doesnt allow wifi calling outside of canada. it is so absured to do this, in this day and age. Have you seen freedom/videotron's policy? Wi-Fi Calling Service | Mobili...

tunebrain by Just Moved In
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Regional TSN hockey games

I can watch j Jets games on my phone fine, but if I try to tether my screen/projector off my phone I'm told I'm out of the regional broadcast area (I'm not) I'm told the problem is that my IP address shows as Toronto instead of MB/Northern ON. Anyone...

SandyReg by Neighbour
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Loyalty offer that was retracted for no reason

Just spent 3 h on the phone seeking to renew my service and upgrade to an iPhone 15 proafter negotiating with Loyaly, I settled on a 55$ plan w/ 40 g and unlimited CAN-US, with a 10$ discount and a 150$ credit on the device.As the rep was processing ...

Zero Cellular service

Ever since fiberoptic has come to our area, the cellular service is lacking. When we have a power outage, I can’t make a phone call. I can’t use any data. Basically a triangle around Tillsonburg has zero cellular service. What am I actually paying fo...

Dana8221 by Just Moved In
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TTC Subway Service

Hi,Received the text that TTC Subway service is available in select areas. Can we confirm exactly which part of the subway has service and is it 5G data?

RollDude by Just Moved In
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Poor cell signal in south Surrey

There is very poor cell signal in the south Surrey area. Especially near Safeway on 24th and 154th all the way to Home Depot and beyond. It has been like this for the two years that I've had Telus cell phone. What does it take to get Telus to improve...


Recently had a power outage in my area. I am served via Telus optical. Thus, I knew my land line would not work, but discovered my cell phone also un-useable. I suspect the reason is the local cell site was also out of power and DID NOT have battery ...

BCNBC by Just Moved In
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