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Esim and Prepay

HiMy wife and I are travelling to Vancouver on Saturday and I’m trying to find out whether the Telus prepay plans work with an eSim as that seems the best way to ensure we’re connected as soon as we arrive. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Ianatcove by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Billing Start Date

Hello, I'm looking to port over to Telus this month or next. I was wondering, does my billing date start on the day I port over? I want my billing cycle to start on the first of the month and thought, if I port on the first, I will get billed on the ...

samsvoc by Organizer
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Telus messed up

Telus corporate store switched me from Business account to Consumer and told me they have added my credit card as pre-authorized payment, but found out there was no credit card added and a payment was missed. Been a customer of Telus for more than 10...

Bipk92 by Just Moved In
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(999)999-9999 Text

I got a text stating I have money to be deposited from that number. When I look at my bank records I don't have any transfers with the amount it says. When I click the link I get a warning that it is a deceptive site and not to enter any info. Is thi...

Adeprim21 by Just Moved In
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How Has This Overage Issue Not Been Addressed?

I've seen this problem now looking into it going back like 6 years, but mine went to another level! $460 pre-auth to credit card in PDA charges while connected to wi-fi and mobile data shut off. Are we saying at this point that PDA charges cannot be ...

pda message.png
KingWCF by Just Moved In
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No service in Spain

I was in Spain for the last 10 days and was unable to get any service in any city on my Iphone SE. I did set up Easy Roam on my plan. I had success connecting to local carriers in USA on my trip so my setup was ok. What could have caused this?

Jean5 by Just Moved In
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Telus lost their way?

I was a telus customer for a while. I changed to freedom 3 years ago because of the priceI came back to telus 3 days ago, losing my grandfathered $25 for 25gb plan. Only to discover that telus internet barely works in airdrie anymore.Apprently there ...

Tuuu by Just Moved In
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