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Unlimited Nationwide Account Wide Calling

Hi, I have this feature on my plan but I was charged $25 for a 45 minute call from Toronto - BC so I am wondering if maybe I am interpreting the perk wrong.Thanks for your input

kryo by Just Moved In
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What is the point of the Loyalty dept

So yesterday I was offered by Freedom their 75 dollar plan, unlimited international txt and 15 Gigs.. I'm currently on the Telus Non Share 75 dollar plan.. Call in and speak to Loyalty after waiting over an hour and get told the only way we can help ...

mike76 by Organizer
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CAN/US plan 50go

When will telus match up competitor and offer a 50go can/us plan ? Tried to get it from 2 departement and they are still far behind...

Mike81 by Neighbour
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RCS on Pixel 4 phones.

I have spoken with TelusMobility tech support today to ask about RCS rollout to Pixel 4/4XL phones.. (I know, silly me!). I was unable to get any idea of dates and told pixel 4 is not supported ... There was no answer when the I pointed out that the ...

EricG by Just Moved In
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Verification codes

I have been unable to receive any verification codes for any 2 factor authentication. I have called Telus to inquire if something was blocked and they didn’t see anything on their end.I have checked my settings on my iPhone and nothing is blocked. Do...

8608 by Just Moved In
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Peace of Mind Connect Roaming question

I recently signed up for Telus Peace of Mind Connect plan with a phone and tablet. Have a question about roaming charge. When roaming to US with both phone and tablet, will it be Paying for $8/day for both phone and tablet (effectively $8/day for who...

Gerro by Just Moved In
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