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Telus 3G coverage

I own a CPAP device which uses Telus 3G to connect to my provider. According to what I read online Telus 3G support will end by December 2025, but the wording is a little fuzzy. It sounds like it will be phased out by 2025.The modem on my device stil...

Resolved! how do i find my mailbox number?

im trying to access my voicemail but every time i call it the automated voice tells me that i need to enter my "mailbox number" which i dont even know what that is, i have tried entering my phone number and any codes i can think of that i linked to m...

Prototyping recruitment

Hi friends, New to the forum, and very excited to be here! Wanted to share an exciting opportunity with the group! My team is focused on product innovation in the Mobility space. One of our goals this year is to revisit some of our older products and...

c2i by TELUS Employee
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# being held HOSTAGE.....

Been at this for a while, hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction!I have had the same cell number as long as I can remember.My partner of 15 years suggested about 5 years ago to move my number to his plan.Long story short... We had a fa...

Jenni1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Answers

I am turning to the telus neighborhood after no luck talking with telus many times . Why do the limited unlimited plans have such **bleep** slow down speeds is this just a cash grab I have the best plan telus offers and never had such **bleep**ty ser...

Terance by Friendly Neighbour
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(Limited) unlimited service

Worst slow down speeds available why are other companies able to offer slow down speeds 4x faster than telus ? So unhappy with my service and I have the best plan offered after 10 to 15 days I want to cry my service is useless . I can't watch anythin...

Terance by Friendly Neighbour
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Slow down speeds

Hello I am curious how many are frustrated with telus and the super slow slow down speeds? I have the best plan they offer and after 10 days the service is terrible then I suffer for the rest of the month with unusable service can't with news or vide...

Terance by Friendly Neighbour
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