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Resolved! Call control issue

I tried to add call control for 2 days now. Each time I press “start using call control” the pages crashes and restarts back to the same page over and over again. Anyone have this problem or know how to turn on this feature?

Salty by Neighbour
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S20 Ultra - 5G issues (Port from Rogers).

Hello,Today i ported my number from Rogers (5G service) to Telus (5G service) using S20 Ultra device (SM-SG988W).5G worked perfectly fine on Rogers.To my surprise i was advised from Telus support (Live chat) that, there is a 'known' issue for Samsung...

MrGUD by Organizer
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Roaming charges

Roaming charges used to be 24 hours the price has gone up and the service for what you're getting has gone down. If you must raise the charges, customers should still be getting 24 hours out of a day. Now roaming charges is until 12 midnight. Dependi...

metel14 by Just Moved In
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Clos8ng a prepaid account

I am currenrty using a prepaid plan, I'm planning on closing it because I'm leaving the country. Do I have to call/ contact telus or can I just stop using it and stop adding money to it?

Zambottis by Just Moved In
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Android 14 for S22 Ultra

I contacted Samsung about when to expect Android 14 for my Samsung 22 Ultra. They tell me its available now but TELUS has to push it. My Question is do I need to switch providers to get this update on my 3 phones????All 3 phones are not under any con...

kjj by Just Moved In
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Poor Service Reception

How can I send information to Telus about poor reception and services? I have visited a store and tried SIM card swap. And I reset network settings on my phone per the agent recommendation but that didn’t solve the problem. We live in the GTA and I’m...

ChrisDF by Neighbour
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Resolved! New eSIM and new phone for reception issues

Hi there, I've been having reception issues. I'm guessing that a new SIM card might not help, but it's been almost half a decade with the current SIM card, so I thought that I’d just get a new one. I also at the same time got a new phone. The SIM new...

JeffKang2 by Friendly Neighbour
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Slow Data speeds (Blue Mountain/Collingwood)

Data speeds in Collingwood/Blue Mountain area in Ontario are slow. Bell speeds on LTE are triple what Telus speeds are here. Telus 5G speeds are a little slower than LTE, same device testing both networks.

Dgft by Just Moved In
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