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Resolved! Data Overage Charges that CANNOT be adjusted

Yesterday I exchanged my broken iPhone X at the Apple Store in Newmarket, ON. I was charged $145 to exchange my device as it was deemed "unrepairable" which seemed strange since I have the full Apple Care warranty on the device....but that's for anot...

ChadA by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Poor reception in heritage valley Allard

Freedom mobile has excellent coverage in my area but telus doesn't. Reason is freedom mobile has a tower here. Is telus going to place a tower soon. If not I am looking at changing service provider as I cannot change my house.

Resolved! Remote Area Service

The goal of this post is to figure out a way to get cellular service at my cabin. After looking through the coverage maps of the carriers in Western Canada, Telus has coverage closest to where my cabin is located. Does this ...

Resolved! BYOD: Minimum cost

Already a client but recently purchased a new iPhone. How much should I expect to pay for the low-end of a BYOD plan?

GregoryL by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Sim Activation abroad for tourists

Hi I live in Germany and will come to Canada for vacations in upcomming July and August.I am going to buy a prepaid Sim Card online in advance and try to active it already in Germany bevor my arival. I know I need aditionaly a plan.Is it possible to ...

ChristianZ by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! What is the state of RCS for telus?

Competitors Rogers and Bell rolled out RCS quite a bit of time ago. Where is Telus on this and an expected timeline? It is frustrating that it has taken this long, and is worth considering providers.

Still no cell service

After the earlier outage today which shows it is resolved, I still cannot receive or make calls on my Iphone??

VickiD59 by Just Moved In
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