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Resolved! iPhone 7 not sending texts to Pixel 2.

I have an iPhone 7 on a telus network. All of a sudden on Friday afternoon, my phone stopped sending texts to a pixel 2 on Bell network. I can receive texts from him. I’ve turned my phone on and off, reset my network settings, deleted our conversatio...

JessiV05 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Roaming...

So I'm in the US. I've got the CanadaUS plan so my roaming is covered. I'm signed into AT&T (Telus roaming partner for Arizona I guess). Now the problem. EVERY single time I make a call I get a pop-up asking me a stupid question. Home country or Roam...

Darkbob by Organizer
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Resolved! Not receiving all phone calls

My boyfriend has an iPhone 7 Plus through Telus and sometimes he does not receive calls. For example, I’ll call him and it will just ring and ring on my end without going to voicemail, and his phone doesn’t ring or say missed calls. This happens freq...

Resolved! Apple Watch and switching iPhones

Hi, I already have an Apple Watch series 4 active on my current iPhone but was just wondering if I buy a new iPhone will I have to do anything special for it to work on the new phone? Or will it just work? Thanks.

Resolved! Question on Wifi Calling on Samsung S9

I recently bought a S9 because I know it supports WiFi calling/texting(I'm with Telus). There is no cell service where I work, so Wifi calling/texting would be really convenient for me. Only thing, I'm at work now and it is not working on my phone.Wh...

Creepin_D by Just Moved In
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Resolved! using Easy Roam in Spain

I have signed up for Easy Roam. Last May I tried to use it in California and I found it wouldn't work. Now I am going to Spain. What am I missing?

FW1 by Just Moved In
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Price matching with other companies

I've seen and heard lots of extra mile loyalty plans being offered now, for example. A friend of mine gets unlimited everything and 6 gb of data for the same plan price as me. I've also seen 10 gb of data for $50. Will Telus match these loyalty promo...

Msiebert by Neighbour
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