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Video content block from US website

I can no longer view videos from the Dr. Oz website. The message says that they are not available from my location. I contacted the Dr. Oz website and they confirmed that they may not be able to provide this content.Is Telus blocking this content? Wh...

karenb1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet repair

I got Internet through you guys 4 years ago. You ran a temporary line down my siding, drilling holes in it, and then put the line along the grass, under the fence and across the alley. I hit it with the lawn mower last week. I fought to NOT have to p...

Using R7000 with the T1200H - DMZ and Static IP

Sorry for re-posting this question again but I'm not clear on a few parts so I thought I would ask.The Telus Tech is in the house installing PureFibre 150 as we speak. He is putting in an Actiontec T1200H connected to the ONT using Ethernet.I have th...

Fiber really soon! :P

Just had the past two days, two purple shirt telus reps coming down the street! one was down the street then up the next one, i was riding my bike about 6pm last night in the Surrey, BC area. most of the area is now currently available if you have te...

Resolved! USB port on OPTIC TV PVR

Will Telus be enabling the USB port on the PVR anytime soon? The port is available on the Telus satellite service so I don't understand why it is not available for OPTIC. I would like to be able to save recordings to my external HD.

Barb5 by Just Moved In
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Telus 150 ETTS Availability

Is ETTS going to get upgraded to 150 anytime soon? When I order from the website it tells me my address has 150 available but when they go to add it 50 is the highest. I know its not GPON but it should be close enough to have similar internet speeds.

mikes by Just Moved In
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Telus Future Home

I was at the PNE today and checked out the Future Home near the Prize Home. At 11am.. the line for the Future Home was longer than the Angry Bird display. I was wondering...

xl by CPU Alum
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Info about the Advanced Wi-Fi modem

So I noticed that with the new Internet 150/150 plan, you get a new Advanced Wi-Fi modem that has AC Wi-Fi built in. I was wondering, does this moem have a coaxial connection built in to connect to Optik TV devices? If not, I was wondering if the wir...

RyDawg by Coach
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Norton Antivirus

Norton Autofix tells me that "We have detected conflicting products." I don't know what that means. What other product is conflicting with my Virus protection. Also I can not access Norton's Antivirus to view the settings as I have in the past. Does ...

mwojtow by Just Moved In
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Internet on TV

How do I set up Internet on the TV? I receive all my communication services from Telus, i.e. Phone, Internet and TV. Namaste,Dave.

DaveIH by Just Moved In
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