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Telus routing to Shaw problem in Vancouver?

Was working ok on the weekend. Today, any connections I try make to Shaw Vancouver go all the way to Montreal before it connects to Shaw and then comes back to Vancouver through the Shaw network. I am in Kelowna. Not sure who is to blame here. Seems ...

samiam by Coach
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TELUS is so slow in customer service

Monday Oct 17 5:00 AM ordered home phone online, on my TELUS account page. Web site said someone would contact me with 48 hours, not yet.Went into BK Radio (TELUS store) in Prince George on October 22 9:00 AM they refused to process order because I d...

Randene by Organizer
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Flashing Blue Light on 4K PVR

Not sure what the annoying flashing blue light on front of the 4K PVR ?Should it be staying solid ?Any way to disable other than black electrical tape ?

north21 by Just Moved In
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Telus Fibre OLT uses a private IP, can that cause problems?

If you have Telus Fibre and you do a tracert anywhere you will notice that it goes through a private IP. Mine is 10.31.xx.xx which must be the OLT. Of course I don't have access to that. It is a NAT so I was wondering if it's possible for that to cau...

samiam by Coach
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Resolved! Network Routing through a range extender

I have a TP Link range extender connected via wifi to an Actiontec T1200H router. The range extender was added to the network to provide coverage so that I can access a security camera via the internet. The camera is connected to the range extender v...

Mofe by Neighbour
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T3200M WiFi freezing on fibre 150/150

I am having problems with the T3200M WiFi. 2.4 and 5Ghz. I can browse web pages and things like that. However, when I do a it frequently freezes on my laptop. I then have to disable/enable the wifi interface. It's a newer laptop with an...

samiam by Coach
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How to Program Slimline 2 remote with Samsung DE46C TV

Hi all - I've gone through 60+ different codes. I found 2 of them that will control my TV volume and will turn off the TV, but no codes will enable me to turn on the TV. Any suggestions?Model: Samsung DE46CThanks in advance for your help!

dsmyth by Friendly Neighbour
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Fibre 150/150 slow

Just got fibre150/150 yesteday. Was very fast all day. Always around 168/168 doing tests to multiple locations. Then late evening it went down to around 140/40. I thought maybe it was because of peak usage. This morning same thing. I'm ...

samiam by Coach
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phone service on rural lines

Our phone line is on the ground because of road construction done 3 years ago. It has never been buried, because of weather issues or accidental nicks or cuts done by farm equipment, our service is left to be desired. Our phone has been on and off pr...

Irene55 by Just Moved In
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sending a message on telus webmail

I am unable to send an email from my telus webmail account. It always goes to the draft box. The body there is all in some kind of code or computer language.

kath45 by Just Moved In
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