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Resolved! faster internet without wireless digital box?

The technician who installed my Optik TV provided me with a wired digital box for a TV and a second wireless 'access point' digital box, since I'm planning on setting up an additional TV in the future elsewhere. However running speedtest for about a ...

Resolved! MAC address filtering with WiFi plus

I'm trying to enable MAC address filtering and tried to add my phone as a test. It doesn't seem to block anything even though it shows mine in the list of "denied" devices. The only thing I can think of is the WiFi plus is bypassing the main router i...

GeoFrame by Just Moved In
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Addresses for Groups in WebMail

I am setting up a group email list. I select groups and on the right hand side a list of contacts appears. The problem, this list is only the first 1/3 of my contacts. How to I get to the rest of the contacts so I can add some of them to the group?

2160p 60Hz 4K Screen Aspect Ratio Not Working

I cannot seem to get 2160p 60Hz 4K picture. When I run the test I get the error "Your television cannot support HDCP video over your high definition connection". However, the 2160p 24Hz works fine. My TV is a new Insignia 50" 4K TV (NS-50DR710NA17) t...

matt7x by Just Moved In
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Very slow connection to Euro server

Hello, I have the 50 connection with Telus but i get very slow speed to European server - like 4 Mbps. My connection is fine otherwise to servers in NA. Do you know is Telus will route the traffic different if i move to Fiber, or to one of the slower...

Resolved! GPON Saturation. A Possibility?

*Please correct me if Im wrong. The following comes from my own research, knowledge and assumptions* At the moment Gigabit Passve Optical Networks provide 2.5 Gb/s downstream and up to 1.25 Gb/s upstream capacity per fibre coming from the Optical Lin...

Mk4 by Organizer
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