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How to get a replacement battery for the smart hub

Smart by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wi-Fi Signal Strength Weakening

Greetings! I have a question about the wi-fi signal from my Telus home internet weakening. I upgraded to Telus 150 home internet last March, and I've noticed that the wi-fi signal isn't as strong as it should be. I should be getting anywhere from 80-...

Roteco by Organizer
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Telus Rural Internet ZTE Smart Hub

I,m thinking of getting a ZTE Smart Hub for my farm, and would like to know if you can connect a bridge/router/extender to it and also put external aerial for better reception?

DavidW by Just Moved In
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Telus support for email?

You can forget about getting any technical assistance from Telus with regards to the new email system. I tried the listening to music phone call routine, only to be connected with someone who did not have the technical knowledge to address the issue....

allec by Organizer
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MF279T Drops connection to the internet

Our MF279T randomly drops the connection to the internet. All of the devices are connected, the device has all of the appropriate lights on. The only solution is to turn it off and on using the switch at the back. This is also happening to our neighb...

cajr888 by Just Moved In
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please pllease help me

please can someone help me like a few weeks ago i was told thAT MY TELUS ACCOUT WAS connected ... so i was all happy then i never recieved a modem , no tech , no support and i have no clue as to wjat to do about how im suppose to connect my wifi , ho...

chao by Friendly Neighbour
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help please !!

Please Help me i have no modem and as far as i know everything says that i a connected from telus ,, but no MODEM NO TECH NO SUPPORT ! FEELING DISCOURAGED HERE !!! overwhelmed is not even the word and im missing claasses ay university for this slow d...

chao by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus email blocking in line images

If an email is sent to my telus email address and contains an inline image - html markup containing an img src tag then the email is never received. It doesn't appear anywhere, if the telus spam filter is rejecting it then surely it should appear in ...

rushglen by Neighbour
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Resolved! How to connect my own router to the T3200M?

So, I thought this would be straightforward. Nope. I used the port bridging function on the T3200M, then turned off the WiFi. Internet works great with my new Asia router, but the PVR and the 2 wireless TV boxes stop working. Rebooted, reset, all dev...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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