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Does SFP Modules from Telus Support TP-Link Omada 5 Gig router?


I am switching to PureFibre X Business  2.5/2.5 here in Calgary. Tech over the phone told me that I either buy my own SFP+ capable router, or use their NAH unit bridged. Have anyone used Omada router on residential connection to proof that  it can handle 2.5 Gigs? I am switching to business because  need  multiple static IP's? I run Full Stack Development services and hosting from home (I am switching from Shared Dedicated hosting company to self hosting) Because "cheap" hosting is runs me 3000, her month if I continue to use it. Hosting company offered bare-bone Server or Dedicated VPS. But at this level its much cost effective to self-host. 

If someone use multiple IP's explain how does Telus assign them? VLAN or dedicated port on NAH or SFP+ capable router?



@valiaig Wrote: I am switching to business because  need  multiple static IP's?


Good Day;

You pose a very interesting question here.

First, I do not have a business connection here. I am currently connected as a residential 1Gbps consumer. That being said, I currently have a dual WAN configuration here.

I am connected directly to a dumb switch prior to either of my 3rd party routers. Those are connected via dedicated SFP modules and fiber cabling. I have nothing configured as far as VLAN’s. They are feed as DHCP connections, so I configured DDNS routing to my frontend.

Checking my configuration, seems that at least on the residential side we are configured as a /30 sub net, so I would conclude by that we are limited to 2 external IP addresses. I’m guessing on the business side they can configure the subnet as a /29 or perhaps a /28 in very rare cases. That aspect I have now real-world experience with.

I’m guessing on the 2.5Gbps side you may have to indeed leave the Arcadyan NH20A Router in place. Reasoning, not many dumb switches are 2.5Gbps native. As well, depending on the routers, again not many 2.5Gbps native at this time.

So, to overcome these problems, NH20A in bridge mode, out to the switch at 10Gbps native. In this case I’d use a cheap MikroTik switch. From the switch something like an Ubiquiti UDMPro, or UDMPro SE, perhaps a pfSense box ingesting at 10Gbps native, would in my opinion be the cleanest solution.

I am not aware of any switch or router for that matter that is currently compatible with the XGPON modules required for the PureFibre X. Of course, I can be corrected, if someone has additional information.


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I bought QHora 321 and 322 SD-WAN routers from QNAP each port can be used as WAN port on this device at least with 6 x 2.5 Gbe ports which is 321 variant. It’s /29 subnet. QNAP routers are very technically packed