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Billed more than what the agent said.

Just Moved In
I got billed more than the agent who called me. said the conversation is recorded. He ask how much my precious provided charge and because it's black friday they will match it with more Gig. I ask three times how much is my monthly fee with tax and he said 120cad. His email come the charges are 50+ more about 170+. I called them batch and transfer me to their phone service. From there the guy on the phone said it is on my record my bill is 120 the promotion will updated just wait till the bill comes. Now the bill is 300+ more. You want to resolved and issue with telus but it will take the whole day to call them and once you get to an agent they will says it's the other department. When you get to that department it's not this department who set your account. What kind a departments are this, if things where set up straight at the beginning. I don't have to spent whole day trying to get to an agent or someone who can fix this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Abel I know waiting for a rep can be frustrating but have you tried connecting with the live chat team? You can find that option on the Contact Us page. You'll first be greeted by the Virtual Assistant but you can get through to an agent by typing "Agent".