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The best way to ask or contribute to questions about TELUS Optik TV and/or Pik TV.

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Latest forum discussions

Optik vpn crtc

I tried to file complaint with crtc got this back isn’t it just wonderful they would not address the matter directly I don’t think Telus will do anything helpful As a courtesy, we have forwarded a copy of your correspondence to Telus Communications I...

Garygary by Helpful Neighbour
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Optik tv and vpn

I am in puerto Vallarta been using expressvu vpn to access Optik tv for the last two months with no problems now when I click on program I want to watch get message this content is not available in your location if vpn/proxy server is enabled please ...

Garygary by Helpful Neighbour
  • 59 replies
  • 1 kudos

Searching shows by name

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to search shows to setup series record. I just switched from Shaw and have to say I’m regretting the move to Telus. The “voice” remote only provides app results. If I speak the name of a tv show into it, it s...

NHLchik by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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This is for the TelusTV-21T cloud recording STB. Great start to the year Telus... I have had this error at least 3 times now when trying to playback a recording. Latest and current error is for Showcase CH301 recording dated Jan 12. 'Unwanted' S1:E2....

MrSL by Leader
  • 10 replies
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Store policy

Visited a recent store location before entering the store I was asked for ID. My concern is that there was a google nest at the front door possibly recording my ID etc. Without fully agreeing to it because I had no choice. I believe there is a better...

AndySil by Just Moved In
  • 0 replies
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Optik 4K box freezing

I am have non stop issues with my optik 4K secondary box freezing and restarting. This happens when fast forwarding recorded shows, watching shows on demand and even scrolling the channel guide. This has happened off and on since I was sent the new b...

Jen1980 by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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Regularly loosing phone connection

Hello, I live in St-Lazare, Quebec. For the past week or so, when I call someone on my phone, the connection just dies within 5 mins and I need to call the person back again. After a few callback to the same person, it seems ok for longer. This is a ...

Steffan by Just Moved In
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Connection fee

I tried to get two new phones on line and ended up going to the Telus store for them. Got bill and was charged a connection fee plus an extended warranty fee for both phones which was not mentioned at all. Service rep on line was able to cancel said ...

Br99 by Neighbour
  • 4 replies
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