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Telus dropped the ball on Flash End of Life date

I spent an hour online with Telus trying to resolve the issue that you CAN NOT stream on computer anymore. the Telus streaming site requires Flash. in 2017 Adobe announced the termination date of Flash. Telus has obviously ignored this.and on Sept 17...

phaelam by Neighbour
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Google home will control one tv but not the other

I have two tellers desktop boxes. I had to Google home assistant one in my living room one in my bedroom. I can control my bedroom TV with both Google assistant but neither one of them will work with my living room TV. They used to work. I tell Googl...

NorthBC by Just Moved In
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Mid‑Autumn Festival On Demand voucher

Hi, I received an email (below) from Telus on Oct 9 about a free On Demand voucher but it is not in my account when I check the VOD Deals and Coupons menu from my Optik box? Please help! Happy Mid‑Autumn Festival! Enjoy a movie on us!Enjoy a movie on...

Cy by Neighbour
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Love Nature Channels 713 & 714

Why does the channel guide say “SIGN OFF” and doesn’t list the actual show on both channel 713 & 714. It’s says 9pm-9am 9 hours 46 minutes left. Sign off. Anyone else seeing this?

Digital box

Why every time I turn on TV I have to restart my digital box as it says no signal. It just started doing that.

CaBijl by Just Moved In
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Dolby Atmos

Hey Telus, when will you add support for Dolby Atmos? Netflix and Amazon Prime offer it.

Cooperdog by Just Moved In
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optik remote alternatives

hello optik tv users, are you using an alternative to the stock remote? looking for something with backlight and maybe a shortcut feature to skip to the next episode if possible. let me know what you are using and what features i might be looking for...

kaze by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Home Assistant not showing up in Alexa app

I am unable to find the Telus Home Assistant app in Alexa when I search for the device. The Telus rep was able to find it right away. I tried on my phone and tablet. Both are Samsung products. I removed the app and reinstalled but had no success.Note...

ML1 by Organizer
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Using Crave on OptikTV with existing account

Hi. Does anyone know how to set up Crave on OptikTV with an existing account? I don't want to set up a new account, just use an existing account.Thanks in advance!

S_James by Just Moved In
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