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Missing Episodes in VOD Library

Hi folks. We know you're passionate about your favourite show(s) and rely on the VOD library to catch up on or re-watch your episodes. We recognize certain episodes may not be as ready as you are so we'd like to enlist your help in flagging them. Sho...

dru by Community Manager
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Resolved! Browsing future programs on a specific channel

I understand the new organization of the optik channels.However, have customers lost the ability to browse future programs on a specific channel?Before, you could press "Guide," highlight a channel and then browse the future programs of several days ...

merobin by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Flaky TV since the channel change?

My TV reception has been intermittent and somewhat unreliable since the channel change. Anyone else experiencing this? Seems like the digital reception is terrible in peak hours, but very early in the morning it is fine.

yewelg by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Closed Capturing doesn't work

I do not see Closed Capturing at any channel on Optic TV. This is On in menu and it worked several days ago. But now it doesn't

denis by Just Moved In
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HorribleT.V. Signal and Telus's Solution

I had Telus install their equipment and for 8 months have had to call for technical support as my picture was just scrambled pixels and lost audio over 24 calls and each time they give me free movies or a free movie package GREAT!!!! I have a problem...

Garbage by Neighbour
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Resolved! "Guide" and "My Favourites" display

When "Guide" or "My Favourites" is selected, the current channel continues to be displayed in the background. I find this an annoyance. To improve/enhance visibility of the programming choices, it would preferable if there was the option to display "...

Woody by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Free TV

How long before I will receive my free TV from Telus , was hooked up last week . will they let me know when its on the waythanks

Resolved! Telus Orpik TV junk mail

It seams that atlest once a month I get junk mail from Telus trying to get me to switch to their Orpik TV. Which I have no interest in doing, I like my current provider and don't want the hassel of switching. I know Telus has the right to advertise O...

Kreation by Just Moved In
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