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Optik t.v bundle that's included in my rental agreement.

I've typed my question two times now. My optik t.v won't initialize. I rent. It's included. I just plugged in, turned on and it says initialize, three hours later it still says initialize. Please help me watch t.v

dbrecazz by Just Moved In
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Optik box not receptive enough to remote.

My optik box seems to be a weak receiver for the remote. If it is pointed away a bit, it doesn't turn on. My other devices do. Anything that I can do to increase it's sensitivity? All devices are together.

bmikew by Neighbour
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Slimline 2 question

Can you switch sources with the new slimline 2 remote? I know with the older one there was a mode button but now there isn't.

Spbillian by Just Moved In
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4K broadcasting on optik

With Rogers announcing they will begin broadcasting in 4k in March 2016,will the telus optik boxes support those feeds?

Ddoel78 by Just Moved In
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Pvr freezes after playback of recording

Just had our pvr replaced last week. Now after watching a pvr'd show the screen freezes at the end. The old pvr would show an option menu and then go to screen saver if nothing selected. Pvr is on our plasma TV and my wife often falls asleep with the...

y2ktj by Just Moved In
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Night Before Christmas and my PVR died!

I can't say enough about the great service of the frontline Telus employees but they have to work with some questionable policies and procedures - One being that a customer like me with a dead PVR can't get a replacement from a Telus retail shop or d...

NeilWH by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik on the go app for smart tv

Firstly, Hi to all. Just joined the neighborhood tonight , see if I could get an answer but after around 3 hours )) of trolling interesting topics , I thought I should just ask and get some sleep. I just got an LG smart tv for another room, making it...

kerrso by Just Moved In
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TV Doesn't recognize STB Model Number

Finally getting around to connecting the TV that came with my Optik subscription, and as I'm going through the install process with the TV, I'm stuck at a point where the TV won't recognize the model number from the Telus digital box. I got to the po...

Roteco by Connector
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