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Bad colors on non-4K channels with Optik box upscaling to 4K on LG TVs

Friendly Neighbour

Hi again, folks. Just wanted to post one more thread to highlight another issue I had with my recent switch to Telus. Someone (hi @Vgjfelix if you're still out there!) actually posted about the exact same problem three years ago, but that thread is now locked:


I found the exact same problem. I have an LG TV of similar vintage (an OLED B8). If I leave the Optik TV box set to 4K output, 4K channels look great, but the colors on regular HD (not 4K) channels are...bad. Skin tones look green no matter what you set the TV color settings to, everything is kinda washed out. I even went to the trouble of setting up my still-working Shaw box and the Telus box up together on an HDMI switcher so I could A/B the same channel on both and confirm the problem wasn't just in my head; it's not, it's very obvious when you do that.

Setting the Telus box to output in 1080P solves the problem, with that changed, non-4K signals looks fine. But of course, this means I have to change that setting any time I actually want to watch a 4K broadcast, which is slightly annoying.


Same problem doesn't seem to be evident on my other two non-LG TVs. So the problem really does seem to be some kind of bad interaction between the Telus box's upscaling and LG's TVs, possibly only ones from that rough time period (I did update the firmware on my TV, it didn't help). Figured a more recent thread with different topic might help anyone else who happens to run into this.