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4K Box (VIP5662W, VIP5602W) with Bell Bluetooth Remote

I had read elsewhere that since Bell uses the same Arris hardware for their 4K boxes that a Bell slim bluetooth remote can be used with a Telus 4K box (VIP5662W or VIP5602W). I purchased a Bell remote new off of Amazon, but I can't seem to get it to ...

mikemaat by Just Moved In
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How to hide Telus boxes behind TV?

I am sure this has been asked before but I cannot really find a solution. I have an VIP 5662W PVR and some CIS330 receivers. Does anyone have any solutions either with IR Extenders or Bluetooth remotes to be able to hide the boxes. I know the CIS330 ...

Geopac20 by Organizer
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Holywood Suite

I am enjoying three months free Film Channels, after which if I want I can continue with a monthly payment,: problem is that whatever film I choose on the "Holywood Suite", it tells me that it is temporarily unavailable!! This isn't temporary as I ha...

Bazcop1 by Just Moved In
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PVR Playback Freezing

We have 1 PVR and 2 Digital Boxes in our home. Whenever we are watching a recorded show on our one upstairs digital box, it constantly freezes and jumps ahead. (Live TV seems to work just fine.) We purchased the Wifi Boost in the hopes that it would ...

TV Japan

I am wondering why I cannot find any Secondary Audio on TVJapan for the Sumo. If a supposedly inferior service on Shaw Cable has it, why do I not hear it on Telus’s latest Optik technology?

Dh89 by Just Moved In
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Almostb24 hours and ordered channels are not showing up

I subscribed to some channels almost 24 hours ago, through my remote, and accepted the additional $6/mo. These channels are still not showing up. Yet, on my account, the charges have been added. I’ve tried restarting the box, and nothing happens. If ...

Dragonfly by Just Moved In
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Cable off?

Our cable has been off since yesterday at 1:40 pmAny news as to why??Thank you

Cedargal by Just Moved In
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Netflix with Optic not DD?

If i use my OPPO bd player its audio is Dolby Digital+ but with the Optik Netflix selection it's just 2 channel audio. Was really hoping to eliminate a component but maybe not happening

Resolved! Will 4K PVR display 1080p

I now have Internet 50 but but don't have a 4K tv or PVR. If I were to get a 4K PVR would a 4K broadcast be displayed in 1080pon my 1080p televisions. Basically looking to see if the PVR would give some programming in 1080p vs the standard 720p. Than...