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Motorsports Sadly Lacking

You need to get Fox Sports One/Fox Sports Racing. Several years ago it was possible to find just about any motorsport you wanted on SpeedTV. When that morphed into FS1/FSR you didn't pick these up. I know they are available in Canada on other Cable s...

Mags by Just Moved In
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PVR Playback Freezes

PVR CISCO ISB7150/405During playback of a variety of shows, from differing channels, the playing back of recorded media will stop / pause all by itself. It may remain paused for only a few seconds, and we'll miss virtually nothing. Or, it could pause...

LWM7 by Just Moved In
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Galaxy S7 does not work with Optik TV on the go

I just upgraded my phone from the Galaxy S5 to the S7 and now my Optik on the go does not work. I get the message "Sorry, the configuration of this device has been modified or rooted and does not support the use of the Optik on the go app." Is there ...

RMFRED by Neighbour
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Tv cuts out while using the internet

I just had my tv and Internet set up this week and I noticed that every time someone goes on the Internet my tv cuts out like crazy. I have wireless boxes installed so I'm not sure if its interfering with the wireless boxes or if there is some other ...

Movie Network VOD Not Working

Noticed Telus just recently made Channel Changes March 01/16.Is there No Longer a Movie Network VOD service available.Mine is not available, says I'm no longer subscribed,but I'm currently subscribed to the Movie 4 Pack,,and is advertised as being av...

jnhilton by Neighbour
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Travelling Telus box (PVR)

I would like to float an idea of having a travelling Telus box and PVR combination when customers are on holidays. My wife and I are currently on holidays and are stuck with the service that is in the condo we are renting. It is a basic cable service...

PVR recordings removal

Where are the PVR series recordings stored? On the cloud or the local PVR? I have some series recordings I want to delete. When I try, I get the message "programming currently unavailable". I am also unable to "change settings" or change the "series ...

xlxo by Organizer
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New Telus HD PVR? 6015

I came across this on some discussion, what I saw was a new PVR coming out soon, and it looks like the wireless box. Is there any truth to this and when will it becoming out?

Watino by Connector
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How do I ungroup my PVR recordings?

Hi there; I just noticed that a few of my recordings have grouped themselves together (such as two episodes of Scorpion). I don't mind this, but when you go to view your list of PVR recordings by date from oldest to newest, the Scorpion "group" is gr...

JennK by Just Moved In
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