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Recording Question

Spoiler (Highlight to read)When watching a programme I decide to record it, sometimes the recording starts from the beginning of the show but often it only records from the point when the record button is pressed. How can I control this?When watching...

Jim1 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV on the go - Maximum allowed number of logins

I have had Optik TV for a long time and I'm just trying out the "Optik TV on the go" apps for ios. I have installed it on my iphone successfully and it seemed to work. When I try it on my ipad, it says "You have reached the maximum number of concurre...

Slimline remote default volume issue

I'm programming my remote to control my Panasonic tv, and Samsung home theatre system. When I program both in the remote volume control defaults to controlling the tv not the Samsung. The only way I've gotten around this so far is to program the Sams...

Streaming Error on Nexus 6p

Hello, I recently upgraded to the Nexus 6p from my LG G3. I had no issues with the app on my LG, and have no issues with any of my ipads, or wifes samsung. However whenever I try to play any videos on my Nexus it says there is a streaming error and t...

Hockey Night In Canada in 4K

With Rogers announcing they will be televising HNIC in 4K next weekend I can't help but feeling left out. Any plans for a Telus 4K box soon?

Optik on the go app

Can I get his app on my surface 3? I can't find it in the store anywhere

Optik t.v bundle that's included in my rental agreement.

I've typed my question two times now. My optik t.v won't initialize. I rent. It's included. I just plugged in, turned on and it says initialize, three hours later it still says initialize. Please help me watch t.v

dbrecazz by Just Moved In
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Optik box not receptive enough to remote.

My optik box seems to be a weak receiver for the remote. If it is pointed away a bit, it doesn't turn on. My other devices do. Anything that I can do to increase it's sensitivity? All devices are together.

bmikew by Neighbour
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Slimline 2 question

Can you switch sources with the new slimline 2 remote? I know with the older one there was a mode button but now there isn't.

Spbillian by Just Moved In
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4K broadcasting on optik

With Rogers announcing they will begin broadcasting in 4k in March 2016,will the telus optik boxes support those feeds?

Ddoel78 by Just Moved In
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