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Fox News should be a stand alone channel.

Just Moved In

Fox News promotes hate, is pro guns, pro white supremacy, anti-democracy, I shouldn't have to pay for that.  I am not anti-free speech but I shouldn't have to pay for the propaganda that channel spread.


Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK it's part of the More News Theme Pack. As with other Theme Packs they are a bundle of similar content. You are not obligated to get this Theme Pack but if you do it will be included. You can hide the channel in the guide if you don't wish to see it.


It's unlikely that it will be a standalone channel as the majority of Telus' offerings are part of Theme Packs with the exceptions primarily being streaming services.

The CRTC (the governing body for TV providers in Canada) requires that all channels be available both a la carte and as part of a combo or theme pack. That's why you see Fox News included in the More News theme pack as well as being available standalone. If you really don't want Fox News, you aren't obligated to take it. As @FuzzyLogic mentioned, you can either choose another theme pack, or subscribe to the other channels in 'More News' individually a la carte.