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Choppy pvr

While watching a pvr show there is a choppy pause about every 10 minutes.

Mike4545 by Just Moved In
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Discovery GO - Why is Telus behind the times?

Just wondering if anyone has heard if/when Telus will become an option on the Discovery GO app? I see that Shaw and Bell as well as other service providers are both registered as options to view the Discovery Channel through their app but Telus is no...

Resolved! Search on the Optix box - is it me or does it perform inconsistently?

So I am trying to set up my PVR recordings for all the new fall shows that are about to start. I have looked up a TV guide on the net so I know the title and the date of the show. I call up search to find the show and setup a recording. Lets start wi...

PJB by Neighbour
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On now feature with Optik TV

How do I adjust the time of display of the "On Now" function or (preferred) how do I delete it? RDC

RDC by Just Moved In
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TV 'off' function on remote not working

I just got a new remote for my Optik TV and synced it to my TV. Everything seems to work fine except that the TV power button will only turn the TV on but not off again. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

Resolved! optik tv channels disappearing

I had several shows scheduled to record on Treehouse, but it seems to now be replaced by Disney. However the shows are still set to be recorded as if the channel is still there. I have the basic tv package which when I log into my account doesn't lis...


Discovery has recently unveiled their new "DiscoveryGO" app. I often watch tv using Telus Optik on my iPad & I've seen ads promoting this new app. When are Telus customers going to be allowed to access the locked content on the DiscoveryGO app? I kno...

Tobielee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Replacing an Optik Wireless box remote, do I need a service call?

Hello. I have a dachshund who likes to chew. One thing that was done in last night, was the remote to the wireless optik box. Can I just take it to a Telus store for replacement, or do I have to have a service call?

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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4K PVR install

Just wondering what to expect for the 4K PVR install. I can't seem to find many pictures online for this new PVR. I see a few from bell. It looks like there is no coax port on the back. How does it get installed if no Ethernet outlet by tv. Thanks fo...

4K Package and Price

It's literally day three on Optik TV and I just realized that I'm not subscribed to the 4K channel package. They gave me a 4K PVR but did not include TSN 4K and another 4K channel. How much does this package cost?