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Problème avec l'enregistreur télé optik

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Depuis quelques temps, les enregistrements programmés donnent des émissions avec un écran noir sur toute sa longueur, sans sons. Quelqu’un à déjà eu se problème?



Apologies... my French is not good enough to reply in French.  I have had that happen occasionally.  Sometimes it was when I recorded something on a timeshift channel (because I wanted to view the program before it would air on the west coast).  Other times it was because I no longer had a subscription to the channel or a preview was ended.  If you're experiencing this on all your recordings, there is definitely something wrong that probably requires Telus tech support.  I often find that reaching them in the online chat at their website is much faster than waiting on the phone.  Hope you get it solved successfully and soon.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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