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Resolved! Crave

New to Telus Optik TV. We have Crave on Demand as one of our theme packs....just trying to figure it all out as we are new to Crave as well. Are we supposed to have all of the same content through our TV as we would if we were through Crave directly?...

4K box to receiver.

Hey if anyone could help me with connecting the box to a receiver would be great. It was easy with the older box because you could just use component cables but the newer box doesn’t have that available. The HDMI slot is already used up of course con...

Djstone by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus TV HDMI over cat6 using adapters

I have cat 6 wire run in the walls of my home between my TV(Sony) and my Telus TV box. I have been told that I can use an HDMI to RJ45 adapter. I have purchased one through Amazon(GEATSTAR 30M HDMI to RJ45 Network Cable Extender Converter Adapter). T...

Dave49 by Organizer
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optik tv update

I don't like the new optik tv update. The icons on each channel in the guide are now much smaller and harder to read. Also, when I highlight a program in the guide or in the recorded programs and then click on "info" the program description is now li...

bullhooey by Just Moved In
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I can't find Netflix! Please help

We have an optik box. Channel 422 is missing from our guide and the apps button doesn't work. Would love some help in what to do next. The internet and the chat robot just keep sending me around in circles. I would just love some easy access Netflix ...

Chopped Audio - Optik TV

I am wondering when Telus is going to resolve the chopped audio problem on Chan 101 in the Prince George Area?They finally resolved this problem on Chan 104 a few month back, however it still exists on Chan 101!Most annoying!Also Chan 104 for the las...

Question re: use of VPN, ROKU

Hello, We are fairly new to the area and new to Telus. We have the PureFibre option on our system with 2 boosters. We also utilize a VPN in order to get access to our U.S. Roku account, specifically, Sling. Over the last 3 days we are unable to view ...