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4K bandwidth required

Netflix give 7-12 Mbps as the bandwidth required for 4K Telus says Internet 50 minimum. Is this a technical or marketing issue...for a TV watching couple with email? Bonded ADSL in multipair wired 45 yr old building a possibility?

betapug by Just Moved In
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CraveTV autoplay cuts off end of episodes

Watching certain shows on Crave there is further content post credits, and there seems to be no way to actually watch it - the next episode autoplay invariably cuts it off. When the popup appears pressing "dismiss" just stops playing the episode alto...

delksnitis by Friendly Neighbour
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OptikTV Error 4-44-5001

Does anybody know what this error number refers to? I have talked to a handful of Telus representatives that do not seem to even know

falez by Helpful Neighbour
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Peachtree TV

Peachtree TV is now included with the Superstation theme pack. Would it not also be available to subscribers of HBO+Crave+Movies premium theme pack as the Superstations are included with that package?

abc123 by Organizer
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Multi Select in TV Grid

Greetings, Strange question... I pressed the Guide key on the Slimline Remote 2 to browse TV shows. I accidentally pressed a key, which allowed me to select multiple tv shows in the grid by using the arrow keys. I can't remember which key I accidenta...

Shane by Leader
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Question About Optik TV?

I'm just wondering if Telus Optik TV will be available on 4th avenue SW in Calgary,Alberta? I live at Princes Island Plaza at 4th ave & 7th street SW and it says Optik TV is not available in my area. I was just wondering if it will be at some point?

4k PVR over coax

Hi there, I had a 4k PVR located in my media room connected via ethernet to my actiontech router. However, I would like to use the ethernet connection to provide a hard-wired connection to my network devices in the room (apple tv, tv, receiver, etc.)...

City TV App Login Issues

Hey everyone, has anyone has this problem? I have downloaded the City Tv App and everything is good. Except I want to watch an older show on there and when it asked me to put in my login information it says it's wrong. Does anyone else have this issu...

macoriana by Just Moved In
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